Get to know a Board Member – Karen Berube

Get to Know a Board Member

By Sarah Dick: Communication Student - Senior and Dr. Rebecca Vargas Jackson

INOVA Board Member Karen Berube

Karen Berube serves as Vice President of Population/Community Health at Inova. In that capacity, she oversees Inova’s Geriatric Services, Safety Net Clinics, Transitional Programs and Clinics, Disease Management Programs and Community Based Programs. She has oversight for the Community Benefit Reports and Community Health Needs Assessments for the system. In her role, she works closely with local governmental agencies, community partners, and other hospital providers.

Ms. Berube joined Inova in 1995 as a social worker for the Juniper Program, Northern Virginia’s largest provider of HIV/AIDS care. Since that time, she has used her core skills in working with and understanding people as her biggest asset to manage an increasing amount of Inova’s community work. She has directed medical clinics including obstetrics, pediatrics, diabetes, and HIV. She co-leads the readmission reduction strategies for the system and helped to create and implement Transitional Services at Inova, an initiative that works to prevent readmissions and find patients a medical home. She also has oversight of the Forensics Assessment and Consultation Team (FACT) that provides services to victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Ms. Berube has spent much of her career in medical care but also has worked with young children, the elderly and those with addiction issues. In her work at Inova, she has successfully managed to combine her love for helping people with management and leadership skills, as evidenced by programs that are increasing both in volume and efficiency. She sits on a number of local community boards and commissions.

Here is Ms. Berube’s interview with Mason Communication student Sarah Dick. Ms. Berube’s answers are bulleted.

Interviewer: I want to thank you for taking the time to have this phone interview with me. My team and I are really looking forward to learning about your work. My first question is,

* Please tell me about a professional accomplishment you are proud of.

o I’m most proud of how INOVA gives back to the community and the programs that I’ve helped to start and run for community members who do not always have access to healthcare.

* Is there something you’ve done that the other AHEC board members should want to be informed about?

o My work has improved access to healthcare and helped to create a diverse workforce.

* Why did you decide to join the AHEC board?

o I thought AHEC would be a group that had the same beliefs I have. I like its focus on helping to create health care professional. That’s important to me.

* In your opinion, in what ways can AHEC make a difference in the community?

o We will make a difference to the next generation if we increase the number of people in the healthcare workforce, and increase their diversity, hopefully without cultural biases.

and last but not least, my team and I were wondering,

* What is your favorite meal to have?

o I shouldn’t say this but Pepperoni pizza.