February 27, 2018

Meet the Team

Dr. Caroline Sutter, DNP, Principal Investigator Caroline Sutter

As a doctorally trained and credentialed Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Sutter managed a faculty-driven nurse-managed clinic from 2006-2012 in collaboration with a large community college nursing program. These Clinics served low income, immigrant populations and provided a vital service in an area with limited access to healthcare as well as provided community-based learning experiences for undergraduate nursing students. Dr. Sutter’s expertise in new technologies to help improve communication in environments where provider and patients speak different languages was the focus of her doctoral project. She evaluated current translation services being utilized at these clinics and was able to perform a critical analysis of potential options to improve translation services in this environment. Currently, Dr. Sutter serves as the Co-director of the Mason and Partners (MAP) Clinics. She uses the academic nurse-managed clinics, which are strategically located in medically underserved areas (MUA), to utilize the Bridge Care model of care for underserved and uninsured populations and conducts translation research on evidence-based care for patients with multiple chronic diseases.

Karen Brown, Center Director

Prior to her role as Director for Northern Virginia AHEC at Mason, Ms. Brown worked for the Texas AHEC East – Waco Regional Center for nearly five years; three of them as Center Director. Ms. Brown has over a decade experience in community and public health, working for regional teen tobacco prevention programs in eastern North Carolina, in addition to her years as a program coordinator and director with Texas AHEC. She has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Rural Health Association, Texas Society for Public Health Education, and has worked with community-driven initiates with a focus on access to care. Ms. Brown is a North Carolina native; receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from the University of North Carolina- Wilmington and a Masters of Education in Health Education and Promotion from East Carolina University.


NVAHEC Advisory Board

2018- 2019 Advisory Board

From Left to Right:

  • Caroline Sutter, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Principal Investigator, NVAHEC at Mason
  • Margaret Afriyie, George Mason Student, and NVAHEC Intern
  • Amar Gandhi, George Mason Student, and NVAHEC Intern
  • Rui Gu, George Mason Graduate Student, and NVAHEC Intern
  • Olanrewaju E. Osoyoye, George Mason Graduate Student, and NVAHEC Intern
  • Dita Niraula, George Mason Graduate Student, and NVAHEC Graduate Research Assistant
  • Dr. M. Beatrice McKeithen, NVCC, Medical Ed. Campus, Dean of Students
  • Khaseem Davis, Director of the Early Identification Program at George Mason
  • Rebecca Sutter, Assistant Professor for George Mason University School of Nursing and Co-Director of MAP Clinics
  • Khaseem Davis, Director of the Early Identification Program at George Mason
  • Nicole Reaves, Provost of Northern Virginia Community College, Medical Education Campus.
  • Rebecca Vargas Jackson,Founding Center Director of NVAHEC at Mason.
  • Patty Ferssizidis, PhDGMU Psychology, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Nattacha Munkata, George Mason Student, and Executive Director of Mason Model WHO.
  • Minerva Campos, M.D., Vice-President of the National Hispanic Medical Association
  • Katherine E. Rowan, PhD, Director of the Communication Department at George Mason University
  • Sergio Rimola, OBGYN Inova Fairfax Hospital.
  • Karen Berube, Vice President of Population Health and INOVA Health System
  • Karen Roubik, MS, BSN, RN, Fairfax County Health Department
  • Madeline Erario, M.D. FACP, Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine at INOVA Fairfax Medical Campus and Director/DIO for Graduate Medical Education for INOVA Health System
  • Kevin Cevasco, Watson Health and National Advisory Council of HOSA
  • Kennedy Triplett, George Mason Student, and SHAB member

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